MIDI Yoke 1.75

Creates a connection between multiple cable ports
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1.75.53 (See all)

Connect two or more applications together by selecting the number of ports you wish to create, then assigning one application as an output port, and the second application will open via the utility an input port, and so on for a controlled number of ports for data travel.

MIDI Yoke is normally used to connect two applications together. The first application will open MIDI Yoke 1 as an output port, and the 2nd application will open MIDI Yoke 1 as an input port. MIDI data will travel from the 1st applications output to the 2nd's input.
Single Client to Multi-Client: You can use MIDI-OX in conjunction with MIDI Yoke to achieve a virtual multi-client input. Launch an instance of MIDI-OX. In MIDI Devices... dialog, select the single client hardware driver as input and select MIDI Yoke 1 as output.

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